The best French diet.

The best French diet.

The best French diet. Today the method of weight loss, the author of which is the French nutritionist Pierre Ducan, is very popular all over the world. The Pierre Ducan diet is very simple, but with strict adherence it gives fast and stable results. This is that rare weight loss system, which gives the opportunity to maintain the result throughout life.

The essence of the Duquesne diet is that of the carbohydrates, fats and proteins contained in food, our body can easily do without the first two. But proteins are vital to the body and without getting them from food, it will take them from the muscles and other tissues of the body. And Pierre Ducan has developed a four-step regimen of shedding excess weight, based precisely on proteins.


Eating pure proteins, or a protein attack. The length of the phase is maximum 10 days. If you have less than 10 extra pounds — 1-3 days of protein attack; 10-20 extra pounds — 3-5 days; 20-30 extra pounds — 5-7 days; more than 30 extra pounds — 7-10 days.

Allowed foods can be eaten in any quantity, in any combination and at any time of day. Allowed foods: chicken, turkey without skin, lean meats and by-products, any fish and seafood, eggs (up to 2 eggs, but egg whites can be eaten without restrictions), dairy products, Diet Coke, tea, coffee, sugar substitute, salt, vinegar, spices, seasonings, pickles, lemon (not added to drinks), mustard; sugar-free chewing gum.

Apart from the above products nothing else is strictly allowed! In addition, the diet must include oat bran (to improve intestinal function and less absorption of fat). Bran is poured over boiling water for 20 minutes and added to any dish. Norma bran in the first stage — 1.5 tablespoons, the second — 2 tablespoons, the third and fourth stage — 3 tablespoons.


The alternation phase is the main stage of the diet. During the second phase, pure protein days and protein-vegetable days alternate. The duration of the alternation phase is until you achieve the desired weight. The scheme of alternating days: 1/1 (1 protein day, 1 protein-vegetable day), 2/2 (2 protein days, 2 protein-vegetable days), 3/3, 5/5.

If you need to lose less than 10 kg, choose 1/1 or 2/2 alternations. If you need to lose 10-20 kg, choose the 3/3 alternation. If you need to get rid of 20 to 30 kg, you should choose the 5/5 alternation scheme. But in fact, you can change it at any time.

During the second stage, raw or cooked vegetables are added to the list of foods allowed before, in any quantity, at any time.

Allowed vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, zucchini, eggplant, any cabbage, any pepper, any salad, leeks, spinach, radish, asparagus, green beans, celery, mushrooms, dill, beets, carrots.

Prohibited foods: potatoes, rice, grains, peas, beans, lentils, avocados. In addition, you can choose two products a day from the following list: 1 tablespoon of non-fat cocoa, 1 tablespoon of starch, 2 tablespoons of soy cream, 2-3 drops of oil in a frying pan, 30 g of low-fat cheese, 3 tablespoons of white or red dry wine, 1 tablespoon of ketchup.

You can use agar-agar, gelatin, garlic, seaweed, gherkins, sugar substitutes, spices, milk powder, mustard, soy sauce, vinegar, crab sticks (no more than 8 per day), tofu.


The third phase is aimed at consolidating the result and returning to your normal diet. The duration of this phase depends on the number of kilograms already lost: one kilogram lost is 10 days of the consolidation phase.

Allowed foods of the phase fixation: all the products of the first phase, vegetables of the second phase, 100 g of fruit a day (except bananas, cherries and grapes), 2 pieces of wholemeal bread a day, 40 g of ripe cheese, 2 small portions of starchy products a week.

In addition, 2 times a week for lunch or dinner you can eat whatever you want (in reasonable quantities). And once a week, a clean-protein day.


The goal of the last phase is stabilization. Its duration is not limited. At this stage, it is enough to observe only two rules: to eat 3 tablespoons of oat bran every day and once a week to have a protein diets.

The best French diet.

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