Reduce weight.


Reduce weight.

So, how to eat to burn fat on the abdomen and flanks? The only thing you should pay attention in the preparation of a diet — it’s the number of calories consumed during the day. You need to spend a week and a half times more calories than you get per day. For one kilogram of body weight per day should account for one gram of protein. That is, 70 kg of weight 70 grams of protein needed. Reduce weight. 

Reduce weight.

If you want to gain muscle mass, you should multiply this figure by five. Proteins and fats should make up half of the daily diet, the other half are carbohydrates. This rule shall be binding, it is the basis of nutrition. But not all carbohydrates are created equal!

There are two types of carbohydrates: simple (fast) and complex (slow). From the title it is clear that they are digested differently. Structure of complex carbohydrates prevents them quickly absorbed, so more time is required for this. Simple carbohydrates are immediately absorbed into the blood, increasing the level of sugar. This «easy» energy is quickly deposited in the body fat, if it does not burn.

The rate of release of sugar into the blood depends primarily on heat treatment. The crushed cereals, for example, the smaller the grain the easier carbohydrate. Wheat, for example, in raw form, itself contains complex carbohydrates. If it grind, turn semolina, and if the grind again — flour. If the flour to bake muffins, then carbohydrates are absorbed into the bloodstream almost as fast as pure sugar.

Carrots raw is a complex carbohydrate and is worth it to cook, and carbohydrate significantly simplified. Yabloko- complex carbohydrate, apple juice — simple.

In this regard, you have a choice: fast and hard, or easy, but continuously losing weight. For a quick and noticeable results you need a good combination of proper diet and exercise, you can also resort to self-massage the abdomen slimming. If you will not take your time, be enough and simple diet.


Of course, significant results in a short time, only provides exercise, exhausting and regular work on yourself. Four hours of intense training, you can spend several times more calories than ordinary life. The body feels the load goes into «battle mode», it starts to consume from the store. But only one load is insufficient.

Every day you need to burn more calories than you consume. Therefore, in addition to active workouts at the gym and needed more aerobic exercise, such as swimming or jogging. Of course, the easiest way to jogging, it is available, but the one you do not run much help, unless you regularly run for several years.

The fat is not burned locally, the process takes place throughout the body. Yes, in some places it is delayed more fat than the other, but it is uniformly burned.

Of the exercises best for sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, exercises on uneven bars, bench press with dumbbells and barbells. Distribute the load is necessary so that the large muscle groups worked: legs, back. Before starting any exercise do not forget about the workout. Sami training should be long and regular.

You can not start to exercise, if the excess weight is a critical mass. If a person is really thick, then here it is primarily in the wrong diet. Here it is necessary to start with the normalization of diet, and only then gradually increase physical activity. It will need considerable patience and commitment, but the effort will not be wasted!

If you start with the ground, for a start you need to train yourself to go for long walks. Pass a day at least a couple of kilometers. Start with small half-hour walk, gradually increasing the running time. To start the run, you can only after your weight will reach one hundred kilograms. Exclude from food fast carbs, juices.

How to remove subcutaneous fat. 

As a rule, body fat is present in every person to a certain extent. He does not affect the figure, is negative. But when the amount of fat reserves is very high, the body experiences very serious changes. Only you understand how to remove subcutaneous fat. You can effectively neutralize the danger that threatens harmony and beautiful appearance. There are a lot of ways to solve this very urgent problem today.

How to understand that fat TOO MUCH. 

Before you start to remove excess fat. You must first determine whether or not fat has increased so much. The level of fat is determined by its percentage relative to the total weight. If the amount of fat in the body exceeds 20%. It is urgent to think about how to remove it. In fact, at these rates the fat is already so large that it becomes clearly visible obesity. The same measurement is carried out using a special device. It determines the speed of passage through the body of the electric pulse and it is more convenient.

HOW remove excess body fat. Reduce weight.

If it is good to understand some very specific ways in which to remove a certain percentage of body fat, it does not exist. Everything is based on a special diet and exercise, aimed at the problematic area of the body. It is also important to consider that they need to adhere to a lifetime to subcutaneous fat did not come back again.

NUTRITION, promotes weight loss. 

First of all, the diet should remove fat products: mayonnaise, sauces, cooked on it, meat, pastries.

In addition, what to do to remove excess inches from the abdomen and sides. It is necessary to exclude from the menu industrial juices, any drinks with a high sugar content. Instead of meat it is better to eat fish. Special attention should be paid to vegetables and cereals. They contain slow carbohydrates.

There are many diets that help you burn fat. The basic principle is that the amount of calories consumed should be less than the amount lost during the day. Be sure to keep the daily quantity of calories consumed.

There are products that have the properties of fat burning.
These include: pineapple, avocado, grapefruit, any acid berries. This should also include oatmeal, brown rice, red pepper, broccoli. Green tea, although not completely liquefied fat. It helps to remove fat due to its ability to normalize digestion and metabolism. Another consumption of water. This is one of the important requirements. It is necessary to use a large amount of water — at least 2 liters per day.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY IN COMBATING hypodermic adjournment.

Remove unnecessary kilograms and can be purchased harmony and with the help of physical activity. For the most part those exercises which are carried out in this case, directed at strengthening the press. The most effective of these are the following.
1. Lifting the body from a prone position with fixed feet.
2. Twisting in the prone position with the rise of the legs and upper body.
3. Exercise on the obliques — tilts to the side with a dumbbell.
4. Basic exercises — squats and deadlifts.

To achieve the goal, you can do fitness.

Together, proper diet and exercise will solve the problem of how to remove subcutaneous fat. With the right approach and the presence of willpower this problem is not too difficult to remove. Therefore, it can not accurately be described as very serious. Of course, a lot of incredibly determined and motivated attitude.


Reduce weight.

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